Multiply daily tweets by the 279 people you follow on twitter; add that to the daily outpouring of “whats on the minds”  of your 419 friends on facebook; include the hourly status updates from your 116 BBM contacts; don’t forget the endless charter from Hala Gorani on CNN and the fact that 15minutes of political platform is now daily staple; take note of the frequent quick check on google for the meaning of ***** that ends up as a 3 hour  gallivanting which takes you through Sahara Reporters, Linda Ikeji’s Blog, and those other *sites* that make you always wipe you browsing history. Indeed we are in the information age.

Now this flood of information pouring into our minds breeds quite an ugly malady. All of a sudden everyone is an analyst, a motivational speaker, even a catalyst, and if you can’t get people to take you serious, you try comedy. we are all in the talking business or consulting.

We live for the sound bite, there is a market for anything that rhymes and  sounds right. Why should you read a 500page tome written by Plato for yourself if you can read and regurgitate 20 pages of context-less quotes from a pamphlet (please don’t call it a book) called “Plato for the 1 minute manager” written by John Doe with forward by Michael Jackson?

Enough already of the INFORMATION age. How about we move into the age of understanding. To paraphrase Prov 4:7. Get knowledge and with all the knowledge you get, get understanding.


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