No. You Can’t Drive Your ‘All Terrain’ To Heaven


My kids love to watch Cedarmont kids videos so invariably, I get to watch them too. There’s this ‘Silly Songs’ video where the kids sing…

Oh you can’t get to heaven
In a limousine
‘Cos The Lord don’t sell
No gasoline

Now there’s nothing silly at all about that song. Not only can you not get to heaven in a limousine, even an all-terrain Humvee won’t get you there.

That is why I was one third pissed off, one third amused, and the last third saddened when this itinerant ‘preacher/prophet’ requested to pray for me and ended up ‘prophesying’ that I was going to ‘testify’ of buying a Jeep (that’s what we call all SUVs here) worth not less than N12m ($75k) this year.

Now that trick is so well-worn that even his grimy and threadbare jacket seemed pristine in comparison. Not having any such ambitions or even interest, that primer certainly wasn’t going to work on someone like me. With the contents of my wallet intact, I bade him Godspeed and sent him on his ‘missionary’ journey.

As I see it, that encounter says a lot more about what we have reduced Christianity to than the desperation of the pitiable purveyors of ‘prophecies’. The key to the heart and wallet of today’s ‘believer’ is the tantalizing prospect of earthly treasures.

If only he had prayed for me: for daily victory over temptation; for a faith that holds strong in a world full of sin; for courage to stand with the Lord when others abandon the way; for a heart that beats for the things of God; for a longing for the eternal pleasures of his presence. If only.


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