ICYMI: Bishop Okoh Puts a Noose Around Jonathan’s Neck.

In case you missed it; a few weeks ago the primate of the Anglican Church leading other bishops of the church, conferred an award on President Goodluck Jonathan. I watched it on live television but here’s a news report about it.


Jonathan bags Anglican primate’s award

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Nicholas Okoh, on Tuesday conferred on President Goodluck Jonathan the Primatial Award of Excellence in Christian Stewardship.

Okoh led some bishops of the church to decorate Jonathan at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The award was initially meant to be conferred on him at the just-concluded 11th session of the church’s synod held in Enugu State, but he was absent at the event.

Okoh, in his short remarks, described every leader as a steward under God to dispense service to those he leads.

He said the church, by the award, affirmed that Jonathan has so far shared and allocated the nation’s resources to all Nigerians fairly.

Jonathan was presented with a medal, a plaque and a copy of the Bible.


In the first place, it is not in the place of humans to give awards on the Christian life. Any one calling themselves Christians who do this ought to turn their bible the right way up the next time they read it.

Leaving the fundamental issue of faulty theology however, how can anyone in good conscience give an “award of excellence in Christian stewardship” to a president who has presided over some of the most brazen heists we have ever seen in this nation. Cumulatively, billions of dollars belonging to Nigerians have been stolen under the Malabu deal, oil subsidy scam, Pension scam, and daily, hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil are taken under the watch of our military.

What then is Christian stewardship, if someone can receive an award of excellence in it for overseeing thievery on such a scale? Is Christian stewardship the ability to call a spade a big spoon? Or to put it in the words that the awardee might use, “what many people call corruption is just common stealing”.

I find no example of such strange awards in the bible. I find instead, men of God unimpressed by power and uninterested in lucre, who seeing the danger of a soul nearly lost, told them the unvarnished truth.

Here’s one example sir.

But John reprimanded Governor Herod, because he had married Herodias, his brother’s wife, and had done many other evil things. (‭Luke‬ ‭3‬:‭19‬ GNT)

John did not give an award of excellence to Herod, he reprimanded him for the wrong things he had done.

Sir, I believe given your high office I shouldn’t be the one to point out to you that as followers of Christ, what we are called to do is to pray for all men and especially those in authority and not to give them awards.

Thankfully, you gave him a bible, I pray that he will read it and heed it. As for the medal, I hope that he sees it for what it is, a noose.


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