A Father’s Duty ( Part 3)


…No, we are not trying to create Xerox copies of our own lives. Our focus is on the things that so mattered to us that we were willing to choose to live those experiences.

Our values are those deeply held ideals by which we will always live and if need be, for which we are willing to die.

Looked at from this perspective, it becomes clear to someone like Peter; my friend that I mentioned in the previous part that, whether one’s child washes his clothes with his hands or uses a machine is certainly not something to die over.

As parents we must avoid the error of confusing an activity with its purpose. The reason our parents walked miles to school is because they valued education so much that trekking miles to school daily wouldn’t keep them from getting one. They didn’t trek because they wanted to tone their calve muscles or because trekking is an inherently moral activity. The value to draw from that choice for instance is that one must deeply value the opportunity to improve himself and be willing to pay the price to achieve it.

Having shone some light on the clear line between an activity and it’s purpose, I would like to end this post by mentioning two values that every father (like Jonadab) needs to pass on to their children.

1. Integrity
2. Compassion

The reason I consider these two indispensable is because, no other value can be lived out without integrity and all other values will result in evil unless tethered to compassion.


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