If You Keep Quiet At a Time Like This


When Mordecai received Esther’s message, he sent her this warning: “Don’t imagine that you are safer than any other Jew just because you are in the royal palace. If you keep quiet at a time like this, help will come from heaven to the Jews, and they will be saved, but you will die and your father’s family will come to an end. Yet who knows—maybe it was for a time like this that you were made queen!” (Esther 4:12-14 GNT)

Compromise is a sneaky thing. It plies you with comfort, sets you up nicely and makes it look like you have the world to lose if you give up its offering by taking a stand.

We all never seem to be able to understand it for instance when someone who used to consistently espouse a view switches suddenly when they are given a position; this happens in politics as much as it does in our churches. Received ‘favours’ tend to make us part of the entrenched interests and alter our views dramatically.

This was the temptation that Esther faced in this bible account. Should she tactically stay out of the fray and preserve her perks or risk the loss of her position by taking a stand for justice?

Every believer faces this same temptation at one time or the other. At work; we sometimes have to chose between speaking up for what’s good and proper, or just going with the flow and not alienate folks who might have a say in your upcoming performance review. In the church; we might be torn between voting our conscience on a decision or supporting the pastor who appointed us into the church board.

What can be helpful when we come to such crossroads in our lives is to let the words of Mordecai ring in our hearts:

“…Yet who knows—maybe it was for a time like this that you were made queen!”

Maybe the reason God put you in that organization is that he wanted someone like you who could speak up at critical junctures. Perhaps the reason God put you in that church is so you could speak up and keep the church from taking wrong turns.

How sad it will be if for thoughts of our own comfort, we let God down at those critical points.


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