God VS Money


Psalm 63:1 GNT O God, you are my God, and I long for you. My whole being desires you; like a dry, worn-out, and waterless land, my soul is thirsty for you.

The Psalmist speaks here of a deep desire, an urgent longing for God. “Like a dry and waterless land” he says, “my soul thirsts for you”.

This is pure devotion. Many of us feel this same kind of devotion, except that it is for another god. Mammon. There is a deep and urgent longing for money that dominates the life of people in this age.

Yet Jesus says no man can effectively serve two masters. You can’t successfully serve God and money at the same time. He says, you will end up loving one and hating the other one (Matt 6:24). Every believer ought always to examine the object of his devotion. God or money?

We must note however that money doesn’t make an obvious grab for our devotion; it is a subtle, barely noticeable attack that lulls us into into believing that we aren’t doing too badly in our walk with God when in fact, God has walked far ahead, as we have stopped too frequently to pursue the many distractions that money has placed on the path.

The Bible speaks of the deceitfulness of riches. Oh how it deceives. “Once I make my first million” very easily changes into “once I hit the 10 million mark”. Before we realize it, our entire life is gone and we wonder in our latter days how we dedicated so much time to pursuing money rather than God.

Determine today to seize the day for God.


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