Are you Ready?


Weddings in Nigeria are often a huge spectacle. Hundreds of family, friends and well wishers are usually hosted to a lavish party, called ‘reception’, after the exchange of vows in the church.

A common feature of the reception is the grand entry of the bride and groom escorted by a bevy of gayly dressed bridesmaids and a smart crew of groomsmen.

Now in these parts  people don’t always arrive at events on schedule and many times, the bridesmaid and groomsmen wait for a long time before the groom arrives with his bride for the grand entrance dance.

Imagine a wedding where for some reason the groom does not arrive the reception venue until midnight.  It is understandable that many of the bridesmaids would have tired out and perhaps knocked off.

This is the picture we glimpse in Matt 25:5.

The bridegroom was late in coming, so they began to nod and fall asleep

But this was about more than just gayly dressed bridesmaids who had been drained by waiting and had dozed off. This is in reality about a people who having lost the enthusiasm of the wait for the returning messiah have fallen into a deep spiritual slumber.

This parable poses an important question to every believer; Are you awake? Is your lamp burning still? If the Messiah returns now, will he meet you ready?


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