Where are the President’s Prophets?


Ezekiel 22:26-28 NLT
Your priests have violated my instructions and defiled my holy things. They make no distinction between what is holy and what is not. And they do not teach my people the difference between what is ceremonially clean and unclean. They disregard my Sabbath days so that I am dishonored among them. Your leaders are like wolves who tear apart their victims. They actually destroy people’s lives for money! And your prophets cover up for them by announcing false visions and making lying predictions. They say, ‘My message is from the Sovereign lord ,’ when the lord hasn’t spoken a single word to them.

Leading up to the just concluded presidential election,  I put up a number of posts on this blog urging brethren; especially those in leadership positions to be wary of tainting their pastoral offices with their partisan agendas.

Encouraged by many church leaders with questionable motives, the president turned the latter part of his campaign into a pitiful circus of church crawling just to hoodwink the church into thinking he was the Christian candidate.

The leadership of the Anglican church even went as far as giving president Jonathan an “award of excellence in Christian stewardship”, in what can only be described as a wrongly advised attempt to whiten a sepulchre.

There were some who even went as far as telling the church how Goodluck Jonathan had been anointed by God to be the next president. These ones ascribed to God their own partisan biases fueled often by poorly disguised greed.

In the words of Ezekiel, these church leaders cover up for bad leaders  by “announcing false visions and making lying predictions.”

Now that events have put a lie to these prophecies, I hope many in the church can see the grave error of converting the pulpit to a political campaign podium.


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