You got to be hungry!


I spent a good deal of time during my uni days, reading and listening to motivational materials. It was the thing that ‘serious’, ‘forward looking’ people did at that time. One of my favourite audio tapes at that time was Les Brown’s “You got to be hungry”.

The short version of the gist is; if you are hungry enough for anything, you could get it. That message still resonates with me today but I find that the things that I am hungry for today aren’t quite the same as back then.

This morning as I studied in Mathew 5, I realized that Les Brown didn’t come up with the idea that, if you really want to accomplish a thing, “you got to be hungry” for it. It was Jesus in fact who said…

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6 NKJV)

As I pondered the verse, I realized that our attitude about righteousness is largely “oh sure, I don’t mind a pinch of that”. Jesus teaches here however that if we want a full measure of righteousness, we have to have an unquenchable thirst, and insatiable hunger for it.

Do you want righteousness?  You got to be hungry!


One thought on “You got to be hungry!

  1. Very true. Further describes the difference between King Solo and Shepherd David. The former says “whatever my eyes desired, I withhold not from myself” – he ended up with over 1000 women. The latter says “as the deer pants for the brooks of water so my heart pants for you Lord” – he was described as the “apple of God’s eyes”. Our everyday act and eventual achievements in life are a function of our heart desires and daily longings.


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